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My Birth Story the Way I Remember

My first birth experience transformed into a Mother. Technically, it was unmedicated at a hospital. Universally, it was the greatest experience of my life. Not only was a child and mother born, but also an idea led to set me on a path to helping other Yoginis feel calm, capable, and connected.

This is our birth story...


My husband and I chose Friday afternoon March 31 (42 +5) to be induced. Ds had his own agenda:)

Thursday March 30 (42 + 4) afternoon early labor begins. Went to sleep at 9 pm. Woke up at midnight and rocked in rocking chair and exercise ball throughout easy contractions. Would have labored more at home but didn't want to spend 1.5 hour car ride to hospital with tougher contractions. Plus, I mentally prepared myself for induction so I was ready for anything.

Friday March 31. Called doula and sister at 130 am to meet us at hospital around 6 am. Got to Hospital with husband at 4 am. Admitted 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced. Doctor recommended Pitocin. I Asked for 1 hour to get use to room. Started Pitocin at 630 am. Regular contractions kicked in and asked to turn off Pitocin at 730 am. 4 cm dilated and 90 % effaced. Labored in room on exercise ball for an hour attached to monitor. Went pee frequently. 10 am- Asked to turn off monitors and walk halls. Doctor agreed for 40 minutes as long as monitored every hour for 20 minutes. 12- still 4 cm almost 100% effaced but contractions coming every 2 minutes while walking. Contractions slowed to every 5 minutes when lying in bed. So tired so cuddled with husband and even though able to sleep between contractions, lying down contractions are way more painful. Doctor recommends breaking amniotic sack. I ask for an hour to think about it. New nurse assigned (who gave birth naturally in Africa) recommends dancing and moaning it out. I request another hour. Dancing was fun. Invited Mom and contractions stopped so had everyone leave room but husband. Took warm shower. 5 pm- 4.5 cm and almost 100% effaced. Decide to break amniotic sack. 6 pm- doc Breaks amniotic sack. I lie in bed scared to get up because I'm told while it will help speed things up, contractions will be more painful. I know only way to progress is to stand up so I eat some granola bar and carrots for energy. 730 pm. rise to use restroom. Throw up on way 5 times also out gushes amniotic fluid. Took shower with husband and changed robe. This is where things get blurry as I move from one position to another only able to answer yes and no's. At some point they tell me I'm 7 cm dilated. My response is a mantra that is to please cut me open so I can hold my baby. I tell this to my husband about 100 times. Looking back, this was me transitioning to motherhood. So glad he stayed calm and had 100% faith in me. Used entire room trying every position I could think of. Doula steps in with pressure points which feels amazing. Spent some time with husband cuddling on floor moaning through contractions. 1130 pm was next time I looked at clock. I was told I was 9 cm dilated. Husband says wonder if he'll be born today or tomorrow. Got up to use restroom. All I wanted to do was push but kept being told not to push. So every contraction I would tell myself relax don't push and near end I couldn't help but squat and push. Ended up pooping all over room and shower. I know people were wiping my butt as i was on all fours contracting but never saw any of the poop. Nurse kept monitoring baby's heart rate intermittently which was really painful for me and I believed for baby as well. At one point she found Deceleration which she said was normal at this stage but wanted to hook me up to monitor to be safe. I laid down on floor bare ass in air as she demanded my permission/acknowledgement and threatened child protection services. I remained silent because I had more to say than yes and no which was all I could muster so I said nothing. I wanted help to get baby out. In my head, I knew he was fine we just needed to get him out. Nurse left very distraught to return with reinforcement. Luckily my sister stepped in and told my husband to get me in bed so when nurses returned I was able to express I need help to get baby out. It was 230 am. I recommend pain medication as I knew I needed to relax to get to 10 cm so I could push. Before hooking me up they checked one more time and I was 10 cm, relief, no pain medication needed, able to push. Nurse taught me how by sticking her fingers where I should push. At one point took off poop covered robe and continued to push him down. Stood naked while husband held weight as I squatted and pushed during contraction while baby moves further down. Nurse refused to deliver on floor but luckily hospital bed lower half dropped so you could be in a supported squat/chair. Hardest part was waiting for doctor. Nurse kept pushing baby back in.  301 am ds delivered. Immediately brought to chest. I also immediately came to and introduced myself to the nurse who had been with me since 7 cm. She was the right woman for the job. I thanked her. 

Little more blood clots than normal so opted for Pitocin. 3 stitches 1 st degree tear. Enjoyed next hour alone with husband and ds. What an amazing experience. I wouldn't change a thing. I felt like I had all the right support and the staff were on my side. April fools baby. :) I'm so in love.

I feel transformed into motherhood by being pushed to my edge and have great respect for all women who have ever brought a child into this world:) Every birth is a unique miracle.


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