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Pregnancy Yoga Retreats


A 3-day Prenatal Yoga Retreat in Joshua Tree, California.

September 23-25, 2022


Daily asana to connect with your body & baby.

Pelvic healing and easier labor workshops to enhance your pregnancy experience & health.

Nourishing food with other pregnant Mama's to get your spirit centered with maternal energy.

Prepare to give birth...

on a 3-Day Joshua Tree Prenatal Yoga Retreat with Jennica Joyce


There’ll be Prenatal Yoga, Nature Walks, Good Food, Relaxation, Childbirth Education Classes mixed with ancient wisdom & more! By the end of our 3 stress-free days together you'll

*Connect with other mamas on a deeper level, while being empowered in your body and pregnancy.

* Gain insight into your pregnant body and pelvic floor to help save you from a lifetime of post-baby problems.

* Get a headstart on newborn care to keep your sanity and breastfeed with ease (if that's important to you).

Enjoy group yoga classes led by a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher.


Who is this for?

This is for the pregnant Mama in her 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester who doesn't have a lot of time.


This is for the expecting mama who's on a mission to get as much done as possible before baby arrives.


This is for the pregnant Mama who wants a natural childbirth (not necessarily vaginal).


If you sometimes struggle to get in tune with your own maternal intuition (I feel ya and I've been there too).


And you hate being made to feel fragile.


Because you are a strong, capable pregnant person who would rather be empowered.


Then, this pregnancy yoga retreat is for you.


Feel at peace for the rest of your pregnancy and for the beginning of your journey into motherhood in only 3 days.


Dedicate specific time to focus on your pregnancy and prepare for birth.


If you're anxious, stressed, or impatient,

your body will know and actually stall, or worse fail you.


Beneficial poses, relaxation, and taking a break in desert solitude will help you deepen your practice, give your mind a boost, and get you ready to rock your birth.


Imagine waking up fully rested to a California desert sunrise and cheerful songbirds with a pregnant-friendly warm bevi in your hand.


Meander outside for your first prenatal yoga practice to channel the desert energy and get in tune with your body.


Connect with new mamas as your circle of friends evolves over breakfast made by a chef who understands what you and your baby need.


Gain a complete picture of the birth experience as you sit comfortably and stress-free under a shady tree to help you decide what is best for you and your baby.


After a delicious, nutritious and delicious lunch, step outside and take a walk in nature to stay active and sane this pregnancy.


Curl up on the couch to read and rest, or renew with a safe for pregnancy 98 degree hot tub to help you relax and clear your headspace before giving birth.


Then, get to know your pelvic floor with a tailored to you workshop and yoga practice to save yourself from a lifetime of post-baby problems.


Savor the dinner that someone lovingly prepared for you to fully care for and nourish you and your baby.


Leisurely make your way to the stargazing deck to look up at the clear night skies and learn how to meditate with your baby.


Pleasantly fatigued, return to your cozy room and get your best nights sleep in months.

Why Joshua Tree?


A Joshua tree is a hearty desert tree that indicates perseverance, resourcefulness, and taking care of yourself.


Learn more about caring for your body in this new phase.


Get help with posture and modifications.


Connect with other pregnant Moms.


And gain confidence to take on one of the hardest endeavors in your life in a place that's known for its ability to withstand extremes.


Some people call this place sadistic. I prefer a force of nature with incredible healing power that protects itself.


Where you come to grow your tribe before birth.


You want to stay active during your pregnancy and keep your sanity.


You want to do all in your power to have the best possible pregnancy birth outcome for you and your baby.


No yoga experience needed.


Get in the right birthing mindset now.


GO to Joshua Tree to take the break your body and baby deserves.


Join the waitlist

Are you ready to deepen your practice during pregnancy, get in better shape for labor, and gain insight into your miracle giving body.

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