Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Retreat


Our Mission

Awaken inner wisdom and create a learning environment that helps balance your body, mind, and spirit.


Appreciate each person's unique gifts to our growing global community.


Deepen knowledge in a tranquil place through a combination of study, discourse, and experience.​


What we offer


  • Recharge at the oldest and largest retreat center in the Western United States. 

  • Take study-breaks in nature, enjoying sacred meditation sites and energy vortices within walking distance.

  • Savor delicious meals buffet style prepared by a private chef and her team who cater to you.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in California
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in California
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in California


  • Graduate empowered with breathing exercises, beneficial poses and mindfulness techniques for pregnancy.

  • Appreciate common pregnancy issues & dive into anatomy, labor progression, pre-parent bonding, and meditation under the direction of Yoga Alliance® Registered Prenatal School Gilbert Yoga.

  • Plus, get hands-on experience with local pregnant women to further develop your prenatal yoga teaching skills.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in California
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in California
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in California

Help inform and adapt your private and group classes with:

  • An experienced doula and childbirth educator.

  • A Social Worker focusing on Maternal Mental Health.

  • A practicing Licensed Midwife.

  • And your experience, skills, and background. Together, we grow.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in California
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in California
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in California
Is this right for me?

If you have a desire to dive deep into the prenatal yoga world with like-minded people in a very special desert location, then this is for you.


While no prior experience with pregnancy is required, students are expected to be able to teach basic yoga poses and have a basic understanding of yoga philosophy before enrolling.

This prenatal yoga teacher training will expand upon your unique yoga background providing a practical understanding of the art and science of teaching prenatal yoga. 

While this is an immersion program with days starting as early as 6 am and ending as late as 9 pm to make sure we cover all the material, there is also some rest and relaxation built in. Most meals are an hour long to recharge and there will be optional daily nature walks, time to just be, and at least one excursion outside the Joshua Tree Retreat Center near the end of the week. ​

What are the prerequisites?

Heart, Body, and Soul ready to be immersed in a prenatal yoga teaching training experience.

For those with your 200 hour RYT® credential, this program fulfills the 85-hour Yoga Alliance training requirement to be a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT®).  Please note: Before becoming a RPYT®, 30 additional prenatal yoga teaching hours are required after this training is complete.


Immersion yoga teacher training is different. Weekend training sessions typically meet 3  or 4 weekends at one or a few locations. The immersion-style is intensive. The student usually lives with other students and the teacher(s) during their training.


Daily practice of yoga, meditation, instruction, and practicum is the norm.


During immersion trainings, the location plays an essential part of the learning experience.  Joshua Tree was chosen to host due to its proximity to nature and Southern California, safety, gourmet vegetarian options, and vibrant yoga line


This training will take place at the Ding Le Mei House at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center also known as the Institute of Mentalphysics.

The retreat center is comprised of 385 acres marking the west entrance into the unincorporated village of Joshua Tree in Southern California and includes open spaces, sacred meditation locations, serene vistas, and native plants including the presence of Joshua Trees. 

Our closest airport is Palm Springs (PSP), a 45 minute drive.

The next nearest airport is Ontario (ONT), a 1 hour, 20 minute drive.

Surrounding major cities include LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

What our alumnae say

"I loved the inclusion of 'real' people sharing their experiences on certain topics. This made the learning so visceral as well as intellectual. I also loved the food, the accepting warm atmosphere and the free time to walk, think, read, and write."

-Eira Glover, Class of 2019

 "This experience gave me so much more than just education. It was the wealth of knowledge, the spiritual evoking, the self-discovery, and most importantly, the supportive community."

- Mitzi Yue, Class of 2018

"I can't say enough how grateful I am to Jennica and the people she pulled together to create this experience for us. I will never forget her generous heart and loving hospitality. The learning environment she created is amazing. Jennica is providing a much-needed service and it was beautiful to get to be a part of it."

- Lindsey McDermott, Class of 2019

"I never would have thought, a decade ago, that I would finish having my own children and then be so inspired to dedicate my time and energy again to pregnancy and childbirth! ...This prenatal training has given me a greater depth of knowledge and a wealth of resources that I look forward to sharing in Northeastern Pa. I hope to help build communities of women, by women, and for women"

- Emily Karam, Class of 2018

"I was incredibly nervous investing this money into a completely unknown studio and instructors. It was the best leap of faith in my yoga journey. Thank you! This training and the coordination for all the specialists was phenomenal. The food was great. (I liked) all of the content and living with 14 powerful women from all walks of life."

- Michelle Little, Class of 2018

"I am BLOWN AWAY by this experience. Jennica and her beautiful family have created such an unforgettable time. There was so much information packed in without it ever seeming overwhelming. All my expectations were exceeded!"

- Alexandra Muller, Class of 2019

Ready to Learn, Grow and Renew?

We want every teacher we connect with to enjoy their time with us from the moment they arrive, which is why we offer an experience unlike any other. By connecting you with goodness, relaxation, and knowledge we give you everything you need to truly grow. All you have to do is decide when you’re getting started…


Why wait?


DECEMBER 7-13, 2020 


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