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How Do I Bond With My Toddler Son as a Mom?

Yes, modern moms want it all and then some: the career, the family, and now, even stronger emotional connections with our loved ones. We are no longer satisfied with missing out on bonding time with our children or the lasting memories that come with it.

When it comes to our toddlers, they love nothing more than spending time with mom, and it doesn’t take much more than love, attention, and a generous dollop of patience to make them happy.

What about if you are a mom of a toddler son? What does bonding look like then?

Doing activities together is the name of the game for busy moms and their toddler boys. “Active” is the keyword here.

Try pairing daily tasks with bonding time with your son when time is short; or, whenever possible, get out there and be active together!

Read on for a few more tips for getting the most out of “Mommy and Me”-time with your toddler son.

Cook together

Cooking is an activity that universally we all have to do. It’s also a very tactile activity, which makes it right up your toddler’s alley. Ask them to help you with simple tasks while preparing dinner, like getting ingredients, measuring, or mixing. Or try making one day out of the week “Cooking Day” where your little one helps you mix, knead, scoop, pound, and taste a dish for the family, or for just you and him. This is a fun way to help your toddler find a new appreciation for food, and get closer to you as well.

Do gardening

Speaking of tactile, gardening is a super hands-on activity that toddlers generally love to help parents out with. If there’s one thing toddlers like to do, it’s playing in the dirt. We’re always so busy trying to keep our little ones out of the dirt, so imagine their excitement when we not only give them permission but ask them to help us ‘play’ in the dirt too! Give them a task like pulling up weeds, or digging holes for new plants. What better than to play in the dirt together all the while producing something beautiful and teaching them useful gardening skills in the process.

Make stuff.

All kids like to ‘make stuff’: homemade playdoh, slime, sandcastles, fortresses, arts and crafts; the list is endless. A major plus is that ‘making stuff’ doesn’t always take a lot of time. A little preparation and planning the night, or even, the week before, can make an activity super fun with minimal stress on busy moms. Give it a try: Only fifteen minutes of slime making can result in days of smiles.

Be active together: hike, bike, swim.

A lot of people say that kids these days are not as active as the generations before them. This may or may not be true. What is true is that children- particularly, young children between 3 and 5 years of age- should be active throughout the day, according to the CDC. So, even a short walk around the block after dinner, or a 20-minute bike ride on a Saturday morning can not only be good for the physical well-being of you and your toddler, but you’re creating healthy habits and forging stronger bonds with them as well.

Take a trip

Looking for a way to be active, bond with your youngster, de-stress, and get away from it all, all at the same time? Consider taking a trip! Trips no longer mean hiring a babysitter to escape from your child; at least, not for days on end. Mother and son retreats offer participants the opportunity to bond with their child through hikes, yoga, sightseeing tours, and unhampered relaxation. Catered meals are included as well. This retreat is set in stunning Joshua Tree, California, known for its rugged terrain and beautiful sunrises. Through mother and son retreats, Mom has the opportunity to not only be active and bond with their little toddler boys who tend to have an abundance of energy, but they can bond with other moms as well! Learn more about our Mom and Lil One Retreats here.


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