To follow your ‘yellow brick road’ means you keep moving your bigger purpose forward even when you are tired and scared.

Sure, we all find familiar faces on our path like scarecrows (tough decisions), tinmen (challenges), and cowardly lions (anxiety, guilt, and blame).


But you can feel joy and satisfaction every step of the way.

My unique mommy and me yoga retreat is designed to help you do just that:

excite inner balance, achieve fuller health, and experience a profound life.



I used to believe my good deeds could change the world.

My ideas and sheer willpower could get the job done.

Sure, I made a difference, but at a cost to my health and family - I convinced myself it was only temporary.


And then I got pregnant and had a baby.

The effect was exhaustion and multiple meltdowns per week (mostly in the privacy of my own home, so I'd appear calm and collected in public).

In my crazy zealous state, I didn’t fully connect my life purpose with my everyday actions, but instead: I attached my self-worth to my successes (based on what I thought others expected me to do).

Craving something to make me feel whole again and being pregnant with my second, I led a retreat to become a prenatal yoga teacher.

I had an aha moment putting to use what yoga teachers have been telling me for years:



I believe that intention is everything.


And so is how you spend your time.


When you fully connect your day-to-day actions with your mission, you’ll find more freedom and growth than you could ever imagine.


Bring together inner joy, and you're invincible.


With your kiddo?

As a Mommy and Me Yoga Teacher, I understand that everyone’s yellow brick road to happiness is as unique as they are


My passion is helping people be their best, and stop wasting energy where it doesn’t add value to their life.


I inspire my students to listen to your inner voice (the one that brought you here today).


I provide actionable steps so you can be PRESENT for your child and your ever-evolving life.


The way I do that is with mom-to-mom connection.

Frangipani (9).jpg

I believe each of us has unique gifts to share with the world.


I don’t follow any template or yoga school. My style is me. My playfulness, dry sense of humor and eternal optimism, coupled with what makes you unique, gives rise to joyful holistic expansion.


I love working with Moms like me who enthusiastically create solutions and are more than ready to take ownership for creating the day-to-day life of your dreams.

Mom & Baby friendly
  • A comfy bed in a private room to recharge.

  • Spacious outdoor patio and indoor living room designed for ages 0-7 to enjoy.

  • Delicious healthy meals and superfood snacks to keep you and your little one energized throughout the day.


 Space for Mom to Renew
  • A daily private gentle yoga class, Jennica-style, to nourish your body and mind.

  • 1 amazing massage to help you fully relax.

  • Ventures for us Moms only while our children play with my favorite caregiver for 2-4 hours each day.

Time to Grow Closer to your Children
  • A guided hike to practice trust, communication, and pure fun with your baby.

  • Daily Mommy & Me Yoga Classes to move and play together. 

  • Live Joshua-Tree-style with me and my kids: we'll wander the village, explore the national park and of course just relax and play in nature.​​

Featured as one of the Top 10 Best Yoga Retreats in California on Travelmag.com.

Playbook images.png
Custom Happy Plan Activity Book
  • Gain clarity and reconnect with what's most important for you, your child, and your family.

  • A digital action plan for being a better, more joyful, Mom and person.

  • During your retreat, we’ll have ‘breakout’ time – little invitations to help you connect your daily life with what matters most to you

This roadmap gives you more creative control, time, and energy to continue to evolve every retreat we're together.


"Jennica's Happy Plan Activity Book is so much fun! I love how it brings together Jennica's love for all things data-driven (and therefore logical and tangible) and that mysterious thing we call 'happiness'. If you're looking for a light and enjoyable way to dig deep into the depths of your own heart, you will LOVE this".


~Cerries Mooney, United Kingdom

Private One-on-One Mentorship
  • Keep the vibes high after the retreat with weekly check-ins for an entire month.

  • Bring the knowledge and wisdom gained home by chatting with a Mom of 3 who knows and reminds you how truly powerful you are.

For four weeks, I'll be motivating and guiding you to stay connected and inspired.



AndMemories that Last a Lifetime

An outdoor mommy and me photo session with my personal photographer who excels at capturing the bond between mom and child.​

Keep reinforcing the spiritually good feelings with beautiful images of you and your child.


"After I gave birth I was stressed out as a new Mom and Jennica welcomed me with open arms. She helped me improve my self-care. Her community involvement inspires me to connect and rejoice with the environment and those around me."


~Geneva W., Joshua Tree, California

Our time together is my mission:
To help you share your heart, nurture mom & baby, and live your dharma (the big reason why you are here) by doing what I do best- connecting the dots.
The fact that you're here, right now, means YOU are ready.
The way I help you connect is with everyday life-purpose connection sprinkled with nature, wisdom, and a whole lot of YOU. (aka your custom Happy Plan Activity Book and personalized Mommy and Me Yoga Retreat ).
But you may feel guilty about even reading this.
I want you to know, your only job in this life is to follow your heart. That is how you can be of the highest service; when you are in your highest joy.
And the world really needs you right now- oozing with so much joy that your family, friends, and co-workers can't help but smile, too. This is living your dharma.

So many of us are on the quest for happiness but I’m going to fill you in on a secret: 

Your baby's happiness is not your purpose. Your baby's happiness is a byproduct of living your purpose.
You cannot truly be happy until
You connect your day-to-day life with your purpose.
Otherwise, there will forever be a void that you are trying to itch with another accomplishment, another goal, or even another baby.
So together we will align your 'happy statement' with your daily life while in a healing setting so you tune into your children and your own infinite potential that you were born to share.

"I had no idea where to start or what to do in certain areas, but Jennica was very resourceful and made everything go ahead smoothly. I learned something new and was very motivated. It's nice working with Jennica because she's also driven and gets results. She delivered."

~ Markisha K., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Your Investment

Your 4-Day Mommy and Me Yoga Retreat and four-week mentorship experience costs $2896-$9996USD depending on the location and size of group.

Payment plans are available.


But I want more than your money.


I want you to give me days away from distractions so you can be in the NOW for your child and your own personal growth and spend the next four weeks making it your reality.

I want your time with me to be an investment in your bliss, your family, and in putting in the work it takes to create a life that is full of joy so you can stop feeling so guilty.

And when you choose to invest in your child and yourself, you are making it possible for other Mamas without the financial means to benefit too.


But let me guess, you can't get away.

You can't not get away.


You have to separate your identity from your daily life to create space for you to grow.


All your studying and learning can and should be of service without feeling guilty.


To achieve this transformation in four days is invaluable for your life and your unique motherhood journey.


"Stress and burnout are things I've struggled within my life. When I was going through a tough time a few years ago, Jennica took the time to show me some powerful techniques that allowed me to improve my mental health in the face of challenging circumstances. I still use these methods to this day and it's literally been a lifesaver."

~ Jamie B., Salt Lake City, Utah


This entire program is made for you. If you're nervous or scared, often it's the stuff we don't want to do that our body and mind need the most. Be open to the adventure and let it unfold. Prepare to have fun, learn, and experience a profound life with your child. 

How do I justify the money?

We always find the money for what's important.

The fact that you're still reading means this experience is of the utmost importance.


Share your heart with the co-decision makers in your life the way only you can and they can't help but say yes. 

Can I bring a support person?

Of course, the people (Grandma/friend/partner) who help us the most, deserve a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend adventure too.

I just ask that you honor that this retreat is for you.


So you can create a win-win without sacrificing yourself and the bond only you as a Mom can have with your baby.


The cost increases $500-$800 depending on the duration and activites if you're open to sharing a bed with your plus one.


"Jennica is an inspirational force with welcoming energy which encouraged me to integrate more deeply in my community. She is aware of her failures and successes as a learning and growing process that we all should reflect upon to live our best selves and lives. She remains so positive that I can't help but be inspired!"

~ Saniyyah T., San Bernardino, California


Many women choose to bring one child because making one-on-one time is both good for them as a Mom, the child they bring, and those back home who also get unique time together.


I usually include all my kids because that's what I like best, and my husband gets to recharge too.


Listen to your heart to do what's best for your family.

Your package includes one Mom and one child.

Each additional child is only $150-$500 extra based on the age of the child and duration of the retreat.

In a nutshell...


Nutritious Breakfasts are ready for you to easily and quickly prepare after you leisurely rise. Most Healthy & Delicious lunches and dinners for you and your child and prepared by a personal chef who caters to you. We also might choose to have a picnic in the national park or go out to eat at the local restaurants to make the most of your time. Fruits and other super-food snacks are abundant to keep you and your little one energized throughout the day. You know you're child best so if there's something you'll know they eat, let us know, and we'll make sure have it for you so you both can have the best experience possible.


We will spend the majority of our time at a spacious and comfortable homestead in Southern California, surrounded by pristine nature. There's plenty of space indoors and outdoors to play. Southern California might be known primarily for Hollywood, but there is so much more to see in the Golden State. From incredible national parks to beautiful beaches, we choose our retreat location based on the most gorgeous spots around. Here's what you can expect if you visit them. Joshua Tree National Park brings together the distinct ecosystems from the Mojave and Colorado deserts to provide a home for an incredible range of plants and animals. The land has been shaped by strong weather over the years to create a fascinating landscape where you can enjoy hiking, camping, climbing, bird watching and stargazing. Big Bear Lake is Southern California's four-season mountain lake escape. Located in the heart of Southern California - and close to Phoenix and Las Vegas - Big Bear Lake is the jewel of the San Bernardino National Forest and known for excellent fishing, snowboarding & skiing, hiking, mountain biking and so much more!
Imperial Beach located in San Diego's South Bay region, and the southernmost beach town in California, is just five miles north of the Mexico border, and includes a 4-mile stretch of beach offering a host of activities including great surfing, sport fishing, beach volleyball and horseback riding along the coast. The Imperial Beach pier provides sweeping views of the Los Coronados Islands and is a popular spot for strolling, pier fishing and watching the sunset.


Your personalized retreat, action plan, and four-week mentorship is all included in one price. The retreat itself includes Mom & Baby Friendly Accomodations, Tasty Wholesome Meals, Space for Mom to Renew, Mommy and Me rock-climbing or photoshoot to Grow even Closer to your child, and evening ventures to renew are all included in one package just for you. Specifically, your package includes: *a private room *kid-friendly indoor and outdoor shared spaces to play *three healthy and delicious meals daily *nutritious snacks both you and your kids will enjoy *Daily Yoga classes guided by me *one 30-minute massage to relax fully *2-3 caregiver hours on our full days for you to recharge *a guided nature walk to explore with your child *two unique Make and Take Kid's Crafts to bond with your baby *a sound bath for you and child to relax and soak up the healing energy *3-4 hour block of free time with your child to explore the local area's attractions, play, nap, or just be. *a digital photo album capturing the planned for you activities so you can be fully present for your child *private adult-only entry to an evening event that helps you bring your refreshed outlook on motherhood and life home. *Option to enjoy a private Ride Share Service to/from airport ($100-$200) *Option to bring friend/mother/helper to share a room, savor three meals per full day, enjoy a treatment and join the Mom circle ($500-$800) *Option to bring a second or third Child ($150-$500)

Frequently Asked Questions

How old should my baby be? All ages are welcome. You can bring your baby-to-be, newborn, six-year-old, or twenty-six year-old. My kids are 0, 2, and 4. What's not included? Travel to/from Your Home Personal Expenses such as gratuities, village shopping, and activities during free time. Travel Insurance When should I plan to arrive and depart? The retreat kicks off with a welcome dinner and celebration around 6 pm. Feel free to check-in as early as convenient. Our time together wraps up late morning on Sunday, around 1030 am after a leisurely stroll and delicious brunch. We recommend securing travel that allows you to be present for all activities so you can make the most of your time from start to finish. If you are flying, we reccommend you allot 1.5-2 hours at the airport before your departure time. If you would like to get the most out of your flights and enjoy more days in Joshua Tree, go for it! We include a private taxi with a carseat on our set start and end dates in your all-inclusive price. What does a sample day look like? Depending on the weather and your energy, times can of course change. This is one example of a how a day might be: 08:00 National Park Excursion while it's still cool and your babe has lots of energy. 09:00 Snack and Storytime sitting under the shade of a big boulder.
10:00 Mommy and Me Yoga to connect and relax back home. 11:00 We play with our kids together and make a keepsake. 12:00 Lunch is Served 13:00 - 16:30 Free time for Mama and Child bonding, napping, relaxing, exploring, taking a dip in the wading pool, and village visits. A light, healthy snack of fruit, nuts and crackers is available whenever you please. While our kids are engaged and having fun, we'll break out your happy plan activity book to start digging a little deeper into who you truly are and your next level of greatness. 16:30 Dinner is available to enjoy at your leisure. 17:00 Childcare Providers arrive. Our children have specially designed programs with a range of activities including circle time, painting, crafts, playing, dressing up and dance. 17:15- Depart for Mom's Night Out for Sunset Soak at Natural Hot Springs and make space for your own vision and dreams. 19:30-21:00 Bedtime for babes and wind-down time for you. What will the weather be like? The average temperatures for the time of year and locations I choose are around 77-86 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for being outdoors and perfect for babes. There is an average of 13 hours of sunshine per day. Nights can be cooler so bring sweaters, wraps and a warm pajama. The rooms in the houses stay nice and cool in the day but can be fresh at night. Bring some socks or slippers/flip flops for walking around inside and some sandals for walking to the hot tub and pool area. What about COVID? I view COVID similar to the flu and take precautions accordingly. Neither my kids nor myself will wear masks unless required at excursions like the local Farmer's Market. I respect and honor your decision. If you or your child are sick, please stay home to recover as quickly as possible. We will reschedule your retreat to the next available date.

Action Plan

I'm a Joyologist who loves data. (A positive message on every shirt Joyologist, to be exact). This insightful Google Sheets document seamlessly ties evidence-based systems and my data tricks together into games for you to play at your own pace. And...it’s super fun. More creative control, joyful experiences, and organic self-growth, all achieved through a playful-yet-scientific approach. Before you arrive to the retreat, we'll begin by helping you identify your Happy Power and gain a few tips and ideas for how to bring it into your daily life. But...the Happy Power is just the tip of the iceberg. Although super-powerful on its own, the Happy Power is actually the foundation of something a whole lot more potent. I call it your Happy Statement in my signature Happy Plan Activity Book that you'll be invited to take breaks to work on during your retreat. Your ‘Happy Statement’ is a written-down reason for being. It is the key to your happiness when used to drive your everyday life. So many people move through life in a state of constant stress, frustration, and confusion. When you have an effective Happy Statement, you discover a way to live with more balance, joy, and satisfaction right now. Getting clear on what happiness means to you is the next step after discovering your Happy Power and creating a realistic, yet powerful, day-to-day roadmap that will continue to evolve during our one-on-one mentorship when you return home.


I can't come home with you... but this is the next best thing. I’ll be available four Fridays in a row to check in, encourage you to follow through, and keep the vibes high after each retreat we're together. ​Using our phones so we can easily call, message, and share like never before. ​I’ll remind you when you forget, brainstorm with you when you get an idea, and give you a (gentle) nudge when you start to get distracted. I know that when you feel inspired, you gotta flow with it. With this weekly micro-mentorship – you will gain so much more after our four-day retreat... because you have permission to flow and are not alone when you return home. ​Being mentored (and mentoring) this way is VERY COOL because it’s more intimate, personal, and in alignment with what this retreat is all about to bring the wisdom and knowledge gained back to your day-to-day life.