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Meet Prenatal Yoga Teacher Graduate Sophia

Sophia's sweet spirit, openness, and kindness added so much joy to our warrior women circle at our 2018 Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in Joshua Tree, California. She is a wife and mother of an almost-three-year-old with one on the way, doing wonderful things. Let's hear more from her now:

Where are you from, and what do you 'do'?

I am from San Jose California. I am a yoga teacher, Reiki master practitioner, and also a full-time college student pursuing my BA Liberal studies prep for teaching. 

Why did you choose to sign up for Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (PYTT) in the first place?

I chose to sign up for the PYTT because prenatal helped me so much in my own pregnancy and  I wanted supplemental training to my 200-hour Hatha and 30-hour restorative yoga teacher training so that I could share prenatal yoga with fellow expectant moms. I got more than just a training about how to teach prenatal yoga poses. I got to meet midwives, doulas and left with a community of support to fall back on. What surprised me the most was a little children's yoga added in. It was nice and fun!

What were some of your favorite moments?

My favorite moments were dinner times with all of us (warrior women). I also liked it when your (Jennica's) parents participated in the partner prenatal yoga demos.

What would you say to someone looking for a PYTT?

I would say take Jennica's Joshua Tree Prenatal YTT. It was very well rounded and

informational. I liked everything: the hot topics, laughs, cries, everything. The world needs more of this. More Mommas need this. 

What can you tell us, personally and professionally, about all the good stuff in your life now?!

My husband and I are expecting our second child. I am five months along. I am due in June. This has been a journey in itself due to our past miscarriages. We feel very blessed and grateful that everything is going fine so far. Professionally, I am still going to school to one day become an elementary teacher.  I am also teaching my first Reiki Level 1 training this year and look forward to it. (Learn more about her training here)

What are some things someone who is newly pregnant and interested in Reiki do to get started?

For an expectant mother who is interested in Reiki, I would say find practitioners. Reiki is a great session to book on its own. I also love incorporating Reiki in my Yoga classes so if you can find a prenatal or yoga teacher that offers that it would be even better. Also, if you can find massage therapists who also offer energy healing that would go well together and you would get massage therapy and energy healing in one 2 for 1!


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