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Balancing Doing

I don't have a happy medium when it comes to getting shit done.

I'm either all or nothing.

The overachiever in me wants it off my list as soon as possible.

Immediate satisfaction

Override these powerful impulses, and I feel lost.

I always want to keep going until I finish. But this type of mentality doesn't work too well while raising kids...they're not going to pause growing up because I need one more minute to finish what I'm doing. So I keep my pad handy to scribble ideas down. And shut off my phone as soon as the sunsets (or at least that's the plan though it's a lot easier now that my phone is broken I also carve out time to rest and hang with friends just like I carve out time to run like the wind.

My goal is to make being present the easy choice and not something I must grapple with every day. But what if I get a brilliant idea and my phone's off? I trust that if it's that important, it will come back to me. The universe knows way better than me...I am not going to outsmart it, so I choose to move with it. It's like when I'm swimming in the ocean and need to get out of the current. If I fight it and swim against it, I'll drown. The secret is to Relax. Go with the flow. Sure, work hard, but also rest up.

And if you're too busy to answer a friend or sit down for dinner without a device within arms reach, then this message is for you, too. We can launch any wave no matter how high, but we first have to learn how to float so we can ride the wave without drowning. I love hearing from you. You are the reason I write. So if what I'm saying resonates, drop a note and let me know. It means the world to me. Namaste, Jennica


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