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Jennica’s Birth story

As written by my Mom...

Alrighty 😍. I am going to recount my precious 2nd child’s birth story: Jennica Joyce 💗

When Jennica was born February 27, 1986,

I was 34 years old; her Dad was a mere 31 years old😉 And our son Joshua Joseph was 2 1/2 years old. We knew she would be delivered via caesarean as had her brother.

It was early (5am) and off we drove from our home in Beaumont to the hospital in Redlands. Everything was perfect - the best as I remember😍. I was prepped for the surgery and had an epidural. Jerome was there and watched-while they “delivered” our little girl. Since I have only had caesarean births, it was very “natural”for me. My focus was always on delivering a healthy baby. Emotionally, I was ecstatic to be welcoming our little girl💗

What has always stood out in my mind is that after Jennica was born and we were together, she and I bonded immediately. Naturally. Lovingly. WOW!!! I had nursed my son for the first year, but had struggled for the first 6 weeks. So when Jennica latched on immediately, I was so grateful! It is such a physical and emotional joy - For me, it was definitely “natural” to nurse🙏🏻. In fact, I never even remember her crying😂

I have to say that she was the easiest baby and easiest child. Everything was always just a perfect fit ❤️. Her Dad was not only present for the birth, but has always been active in her life. He remembers cutting the umbilical cord and following the nurse who took Jennica to check her vitals and clean her up while they stapled me shut 😉. He made sure there was no mix up with our baby girl!

We spent one night in the hospital but on the second evening, I got upset with the nurses. I had Jennica on my bed; even back then I liked to have my baby right next to me😍. They insisted she sleep in her plastic box😢, so I called Jerome up (who had just gotten back home to our Josh) and told him I was packed and we wanted to go home NOW! I was very emotional and my loving husband was in a quandary. He tried to calm me and explained his parents (who were watching Josh) had just gone home and our Josh was sound asleep...He gently asked if they could come early in the morning to pick us up...I held my Jennica close all night and anxiously waited for morning to come! 😂

Jennica remained so mellow and content. She remains that way even today 😍. She has grown into such a beautiful calming pillar of strength - an amazing daughter, sister, wife, mother, yogi, and friend❤️

Now our little girl is 34 years old💗 - the same age I was when she was born! What a miracle! I thank God everyday for blessing us with the presence of Jennica Joyce - LOVE YOU 😘


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