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Online Prenatal Yoga Classes

Frequently Asked Questions


I just found out I'm pregnant. Is it okay to start practicing yoga this early?

Absolutely. It's never too early to start. As with any activity, it's important to listen to your body and not go overboard... growing a human is a big deal. Check out some of my tips and benefits to practice yoga safely during your pregnancy.

I won't be able to make it to class. How do I reschedule?

Log-in to your JJY membership account (log-in button at the top of this screen) using the same email you used to register for the class. Go to My Bookings to view all the classes you're signed up for and reschedule accordingly.

Are you able to send me the recording from today?

No problem. If you signed up for a class and would like the recording, join ouHealthy, Mindful, and Strong Pregnancy Facebook Group and request the replay with name of the class, teacher, and day as a post. Tag Jennica.

What's the cost of the yoga sessions and how often is it scheduled?

Our prenatal yoga packages range from $6-$12 per community class.

Drop-ins are $15.

Check-out our current class schedule here.

(It can take a moment to load your timezone).


What can I do to eliminate Low Back Pain & Open my hips right now?

Why is Meditation Important During Pregnancy?


Have another question? Join our private Facebook Group: Healthy, Mindful, and Strong Pregnancy Community 

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