E-RYT® 200Hr
Mindfulness Educator
Reiki Master
Birth/Labor Doula

My path of Yoga began in the year 2000, when I attended my first yoga class. I instantly fell in love with the practice, for the first time in a long time, I felt connected. I embraced the practice as a way to have some “me” time and relieve stress; however, the practice fed my heart & soul and I no longer felt as if I was searching for what was “missing”. In 2007 I knew I would teach; there was so much more to explore through not only the physical practice of asana, but also through breath and spirituality, music and mantra. I was blessed to obtain my 200hr certification through the teachings of Cassandra Wallick/Nischala at Gilbert Yoga in 2012. Since my full immersion into teaching in 2013, I have obtained certifications in Prenatal Yoga, Senior/ Chair (Rewind program) Yoga,practiced as birth educator/doula, ordained as a Reiki Master and most recently expanded my education and certifications into the practice of Mindfulness (Jon Kabat Zinn).Life changing events in 2015 brought me to depths of my practice and spirituality that I did not yet know existed. In this the lesson of “We can handle anything life may bring to us, if we just breathe”.. No truer words have ever been spoken and they now lead me through life, my practice and all that I teach and share.  


As the Director of Prenatal at Gilbert Yoga, I am very proud of the offerings we have at our studio and I now teach the 85hr. certification program to certify 200hr teachers to teach Prenatal Yoga.


I have so much gratitude and love for this practice and I am excited to continue to serve others - removing obstacles through the beautiful foundations of Yoga and Healing.

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